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We provide complete real estate solutions and services across UK, including mortgage advice and a professional service connecting you with the best deals.
Whether you are planning to buy your first home, refinance your current mortgage, pay debts, get another property or raise funds, we can help you get the best mortgage rates in the UK.
Our process is simple and hassle free, you save not only time but money. Click the button below to start.

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We are not your run-of-the-mill mortgage calculator service. At Houser, we do things differently.

We’ve build a complete real estate solution for the UK from the ground up and that has not only given us access to underwriters but also a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market here.

Hence, no matter what you’re looking for, we can guarantee that we will have solutions to all your issues, even those which you didn’t know existed.

With us, you can get:

  • The Best Mortgage Rates in UK
  • Unlimited Access to UK Mortgage Market
  • Fixed Rates and Tracker Rates available
  • Secured Loans and Insurance products offered
  • Capital Raising and Debt Consolidation options
  • Interest Only and Repayment mortgages available

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