Houser for Buyers

Houser is the UK’s first true property search engine with a host of other unique features. Our main aim is to provide the largest selection of properties, guaranteeing that buyers will be able to find any property that is on the market, on Houser.

Houser has several advanced search options. You can:

  • Search for properties with post codes, area names and addresses
  • Find properties using our image gallery
  • Ask our search assistants to find you a property you want

You can view our detailed area guides for:

  • Local property stats, prices and neighbourhood information
  • Historic property pricing trends and records in an area
  • Useful tips about living in an area

Find out current property values for any address in the UK!

  • Message Houser on Twitter for Property Values
  • Use Houser’s Mobile App for Finding Property Values in Real-Time
  • Get Instant Updates about Price Changes for Specific Properties

Property Listings on Houser are unlike others. You Get:

  • Complete location information and map view for any property
  • One-click scheduling of viewing appointments and meetings
  • Complete profile and record of listing estate agents

Making an offer on your dream home takes one minute.

  • Instantly Schedule Viewings and Meetings with Sellers & Agents
  • One-click ‘Make an Offer’ feature for interested buyers
  • Listing estate agents are sent real-time notifications about offers