At Houser we aim to deliver the most extensive set of features for everyone involved in the real estate buying and selling process. Whether you are an estate agent, an interested buyer or a seller, you will find plenty of tools you’ll love and all the information you need readily available on multiple channels.

Here are some of the features you should check out:

Dedicated Virtual Assistants

Houser offers dedicated virtual assistants to help users find information they need. If a search on Houser returns no results, users can forward their query to a search assistant by filling a simple form.

Once a search assistant locates the required information on Houser or anywhere else on the web, an alert is sent to the user, who can then consume that information.

Automatic Image Tagging

All images uploaded with a property listing are automatically processed by Houser and categorised with relevant meta data for optimisation. These images are then displayed in our gallery and buyers can search for properties with more specific requirements.

Detailed Area Guides

Houser has detailed guides for areas in the UK, providing a quick overview, property prices, local stats and information to help buyers choose a location to live in. You can simply use our search bar to find guides for areas you are interested in.

View the area guide for Canary Wharf here.

Find Property Values on the Go

Whether you want to find the value of your own house or any other property across the UK, you can simply send Houser a quick message using Twitter and get instant responses.

For example, in order to find the value of a property, you can send the following message: Value 16 Kensington Palace Gardens @Housercouk on Twitter.

Seamless Information Sharing

We believe destinations and mediums are becoming less important every day and people value uninterrupted access to information. This is why we have developed comprehensive cross-platform compatibility and deep social media integration to make sure you can use Houser how and where you want, regardless of medium or channel.

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