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Denbighshire in North East Wales distributes an amazing number of experiences for such a compact and easily accessible area. Stunning countryside, bustling market towns, two of Britain's best-known resorts and many centuries of rich heritage combine to make Denbighshire a destination with a difference. When deciding to live within or visit Denbighshire you can expect many indoor activities including water parks, craft centres, the fascinating Ruthin Gaol and magnificent castles where you can walk the town walls or drink in the stunning views. If you like the outdoors, Denbighshire offers fantastic walks for all abilities, canal boat rides and activities for all the family, or take advantage of the lovely beaches where you can spend the day sunbathing, enjoying water sports or even a cheeky donkey ride.


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Estimated Price: £157,343
Average Asking Price: £223,389
Price change in last one year: £8,756
Average Price Paid: £141,598
Average Rent Rates: £1,634


Property Prices Breakdown in Denbighshire

Average Price for property in Denbighshire is around £157,343 which varies based on type of property you are interested in and ranges from £194,901 for detached house to around £129,810 for semi-detached. Similarly terraced house is around £108,851 and a flat is worth £99,388. Values have been changing and have risen £79 in last 3 months alone. Similar historical trend can be observed in price changes e.g. prices changed £1,594 in last 6 months, £8,756 in last 1 year, £17,441 in last 2 years, £13,901 in last 3 years, £14,160 in last 4 years and £8,338 in last 5 years.

Currently average asking price of a property in Denbighshire is around £223,389 based on approximately 1,228 properties for sale. Same is the case with rental options based on 135 properties up for rent, average asking rent is around £1,634 per month.

Estimated property value in Denbighshire is £157,343. Average asking price is £223,389 while average price paid is £142,196 which is up by £8,756 and Avg. asking rent £1,634.Based on an Online Survey

Buyers are willing to pay high dollar prices to grab these properties because of the recent trend in real estate investment especially in Denbighshire area. In last 1 year alone average price buyer paid is around £142,196 based on approximately 1,228 sales in Denbighshire area alone. If you compare it to last 3 years sales of 3,599 properties where buyers paid around £141,452. It has been same for some time now for e.g. if you take an average of amount paid in last 5 years, it comes to around £141,598 for 5,759 and average amount paid for purchase of approx. 7,854 properties sold in last 7 years comes to about £143,116 per sale.


Properties For Sale in Denbighshire


Breakdown of asking prices for homes of different sizes show that price varies clearly based on no of bedrooms and type of house. Asking price for a house with 1 bedroom is around £79,175, £134,567 for a 2 bedroom house, £177,702 for a 3 bedroom house, £284,958 for a 4 bedroom house and £383,751 for a 5 bedroom house. For a flat similarly the prices varies from £54,306 for a single bedroom to £107,568 for a 2 bedroom Flat. Same is the case with 3 bedroom flat £204,988, £254,972 for a 4 bedroom flat and £350,000 for a 5 bedroom flat. To sum up the asking prices for properties in Denbighshire it comes to around average £70,132 for 1 bedroom property, £130,981 for 2 bedroom, £178,014 for 3 bedroom, £284,679 for 4 bedroom and £383,318 for a 5 bedroom property.

Rent per calendar month varies similarly based on type and size of the house. If you look at the rents per month for houses alone it can vary from £439 for 1 bedroom to £521 for 2 bedrooms, £654 for 3 bedrooms, £804 for 4 bedrooms and £1,200 for 5 bedrooms house. But if you are interested in renting a 1 bedroom flat then rent per month can be around £362. As the no. of bedroom increase so will the rent e.g. for a 2 bedroom flat it will be around £496 and £550 for 3 bedroom. You should be generally be expecting around average £388 rent per month for single bedroom property, £512 for 2 bedroom, £650 for 3 bedroom, £804 for 4 bedroom and approximately £1,200 for a 5 bedroom property in Denbighshire area.

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