Grab Houser's transferable advertising options today and get up to 500% their worth credited in your advertisement account.

At Houser we don't just care about home seekers and agents but we want businesses to be able to benefit from our highly targeted street level ad placements. We are now offering option advertising, and if you're familiar with real estate and investment options you'll love this.
Advertising options will be up for grabs from August 13th, 2014 and anyone at all can claim them for specific monetary values. For instance, if you grab an advertising option worth £ 1000, we're going to add 500% on it, making it worth a total of
£ 5,000 when the option is exercised.
Moreover, you can either choose to exercise the options yourself after is officially launched or sell them to a 3rd party. As soon as any option is exercised, we will credit the option owner's account with up to 500% its value.
These advertising options will allow their owners to promote their businesses or services on Millions of pages on at amazing costs, targeted down to street level.
Our early adopters can grab a Transferable Ad Option for Free, which they can use to benefit in the future. To grab the Houser Ad Option, no upfront money is needed. You are showing an Intent to advertise in the future and As Houser grows, so will the value of these Ad Options.

Houser Ad Options – Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a heading below to find answers to the most frequent questions.

Search engines sell or auction their advertising slots to people who want to advertise. In Google's case, their advertising slots, which are located to the right or above the organic results, are paid-for slots.
All search engines price their available slots based on supply and demand. When Bill Gross first started pay per click advertising, he was charging only pennies per click. As the demand increased, so did the price.
If you followed Goto or Google, you will agree that the prices of an advertising slot in most cases saw extreme changes over time. This makes it difficult for both the advertisers and the search engine to predict future income.
We are offering the Future Ad Option to make it easier and cost effective for those who may be interested in advertising and for to manage our future advertising income.
Offering transferable Ad Options allows our users to grab an asset, which they can use to benefit in the future.

At Houser, we like to do things differently. It is known that early adopters of any product or service have the most to gain. People who bought domain names early made tons of money, those who participated in bitcoins early also won big. The whole investment world works the same way – you make an investment into an idea and make money when that idea becomes a growth company.
The real estate or investment world is already used to Options, so we decided to combine the value of an Option with future advertisement. Our early adopters can grab a Transferable Ad Option for Free, which they can use for their benefit in the future.
No upfront payments are needed to grab the Houser Ad Option. As Houser grows, the value of these Ad Options will grow as well.

Anyone can grab these options but will be highly targeted for those who are in the real estate industry or provide related services/products.

Yes, you may grab it for yourself to promote something on Houser or you can grab it for someone else who can benefit from it.

Nothing! It's 100% Free to grab the options right now.

You only pay when you decide to exercise the option in the future and you will receive 500% more than what your option's value will be.
For example, if you grab an option right now for advertisements worth £ 1000 on Houser in the future. You will have to pay £1000 when you decide to exercise the option and advertise, but Houser will credit £5000 in your account to spend on advertisements.

No. You don't necessarily have to exercise the option. If you don't exercise it, you don't pay anything. You can simply let it expire.

Yes, the Options are transferable. You can grab an Ad Option for the amount you desire, sit on it and see how grows.
With time, as Houser grows, so will the value of advertising on the site. You can then approach a business that markets to the property industry and possibly sell your options.
For example, if you grabbed an option for £1,000, the actually money that will be deposited in the account when option is exercised is £5,000. You can sell the option to third party for £250 or any mutually decided amount. The new owner of the Option will spend £250 with you and will deposit £1,000 with but will get £5,000 in his/her account to advertise on

Yes, with participating agents, lawyers, surveyors, builders and designers - part of the Option money can be used as a discount. More details on this will be released in the near future.

You will be able to use the unique code in your Option to deposit money for advertisement. Once you do, our system will automatically deposit a total of 500% of the option's original value into your account.

It's totally up to you. As long as it complies with our terms & conditions, you can advertise anything on
For instance, an Estate agent can use the Ad Option to promote:

  • Property listings
  • Real Estate firms
  • Employees of a firm and other agents
  • Any other product or service

Yes. You can target the ads down to the street level. Decide what streets are important for you and you can virtually farm those streets. When anyone looks for information in that area or for houses to buy or rent, your ad will be shown to them.

Yes. You can decide which business is important for you and you can sponsor those pages on

Simply share your Ad Option referral link with your network (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) and even if two people decide to grab Free Houser Ad Options, your own option will automatically double.

Yes. Each option holder will receive a marketing kit, which will include all relevant information related to advertising on

In order to grab more than one option you will need to invite more people to grab options. For every person you invite, who grabs an Ad Option, you will gain an additional slot to grab another option.

Once you sign up you will have a personal referral link which you can share on your network or forward to your contacts via e-mail. Anyone who uses your referral link to grab Ad Options will come under you and will open up more slots for you to grab Options.

It's very simple, you just have to enter your e-mail, select a monetary value and click the 'Apply' button in the box above.

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* No Upfront Payment required